Choosing the Right Stud For Your Lady

So now you are sure you want to breed your bitch, having thought carefully about all the financial considerations you are now ready to think about what kind of a mate you will want for your bitch. Of course in an ideal situation; you will spend a great deal of time - and put a great deal of thought into the sire you choose. In reality however it's more likely that you will be swayed by convenience; either geographical or financial.

In reality however, most studs are chosen because of more practical reasons such as location - if the sire is located far away you pay costs for not only the travel costs but also lodging while you wait. Most people end up choosing a sire that is somewhere between suitable and practical.

But if you have already committed and are certain about breeding with your bitch then choosing the perfect sire is very very important. Choosing a sire is one of the most important decisions you can make. Your decision will be made much easier with a clearer picture of exactly what you want from a sire.

To begin: examine your bitch closely. In conjunction with what you know about breed standards and requirements - take an objective look at your bitch. What are her strengths? What are her weaknesses? Using the AKC standards as a guideline will help you in your evaluation. Once you have identified your bitch's key strong points (for example her great temperament) as well as her weaknesses (for example her tendency to become jealous) - you should go about seeking a sire which compensates.

Unfortunately the choice is not always this calculated. In order to breed responsibly you must keep in mind that the purpose must always be the betterment of the breed. If every breeder had adhered to this principle throughout history then the various breeds of dogs would look very different today. With the 'betterment' of the breed in mind - choosing your sire should become a long process indeed.

You will also want to keep in mind that the number of litters the sire has already produced might actually count against him. If he can be likened to 'the village bicycle' then perhaps he is not the best choice. Sires who father too many puppies have a disproportionate amount of influence in the breed. When choosing a sire you will want to delve back into the ancestry for at least three generations.

There are two basic principles when it comes to breeding. The first and most basic school of thought is to breed like and like. In order to preserve the breed integrity and have the minimal risks of genetic faults this is the safest way to approach the breeding and choosing of a sire.

Be aware of in-breeding. Line breeding and in breeding are close and you want to stay far away from in breeding and line breeding if you want healthy puppies. Line breeding a fancy term that show breeders use and do. The Sire is bred back to his daughter. No matter what fancy term is used it is still inbreeding. It is supposedly done to keep their lines pure and to keep production those champions. Most veterinarians agree that it is unhealthy.

Once you think you are near to a decision about the sire you wish to choose then be sure to make some time to talk to the owner of the sire. This knowledge - in conjunction with the research you have done and the other specialists you have spoken to should assure you of a good choice.

When speaking to the owner of the stud dog you should be aware that being aware of the weaknesses in the stud is part of being a good owner. If the stud owner is not forthcoming with the shortcomings of his stud, then perhaps you should think about choosing another stud. Of course when selecting a dog to breed you need to make sure that the dogs you choose are worthy of the honor. Any faults will be exaggerated and you might end up paying the price for poor choices much later in life. The major consideration when choosing a stud is that your choice is the most suitable and complimentary choice for your bitch


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